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Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendulum
  • Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendulum

    I use a pendulum as a tool when I’m considering something, in deep thought, or if I’m seeking some clarity.
    I find that the practice of directing my energy and thoughts into one focused place, paired with a divination tool, like a pendulum, can provide a perspective, or ideas that might not have come to me had I not taken the space and time.
    When I hold my pendulum, I assign a yes and no direction.
    In most cases, I’m not necessarily looking for any divine intervention, or outside force to move it for me.
    Instead, I’m going to let my mind run free in this time and space, seeing what power may be allowed to speak within myself.
    As I watch my Pendulum move, I’ll allow any ideas, thoughts, feelings, sounds, smells, memories, and other experiences to come fourth.
    I might even keep a journal and record anything of significance.
    My crystal pendulum will work as a physical tool for my focus to be directed into.
    Certain times do allow for welcoming in outside forces to move the pendulum. For this type of ritual, I use a jar to hang my pendulum, so I know for certain I’m not causing movement.
    Whether you are tapping into your own power, or calling on an outside force, pendulums can be a powerful symbol for directing thought.
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