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Aura Rose Quartz Apple Dish
  • Aura Rose Quartz Apple Dish

    Aura Rose Quartz can allow us to create an intent of love and peace within our space. Place yours with intent, and imagine your Rose Quartz overflowing with loving energy and beautiful harmony each time you pass it. 
    The Rose Quartz your looking at is NATURAL Quartz that has been permanently fused with natural metals, like gold.
    What IS Aura Quartz?
    I get this question very often, so I’m glad to have a place I can direct crystal lovers to, that will explain it.
    Just like our personalities, each person is unique in what they prefer. Some artists & dreamer personalities for example, are heavily drawn to color presentations, so Aura Quartz will call to them very loudly. Others prefer crystals that are not endowed by metals. Both sides are valid, and all people have the right to pursue what makes them happy, so long as it doesn’t harm others. A special crystal is one that YOU love, and are called to.
    The Aura process explained:
    Aura crystals are natural crystals that have been coated on the surface to give them iridescence, and their trademark array of colors.
    One of the ways Aura crystals are created is by vacuum chamber. The natural crystals are placed inside with natural gold vapor. The Quartz will arrive to a 16,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and then the gold atoms will fuse to the crystal, leaving a permanently bonded sheen on the crystal surface. See why people call this crystal alchemy? It’s not as simple as some may think, and the process for creating an aura crystal is certainly one of skill.
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