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High Quality Watermelon Tourmaline Slice
  • High Quality Watermelon Tourmaline Slice

    24.1 total carat weight



    Display Case Included.


    Tourmaline is perfect for jewelry and carry-along stones because it naturally occurs in so many bright colors. You’ll find an entire rainbow in Tourmalines.

    This slice is ready to be set into jewelry (jewelry not included). Or, because it comes with a display case, it makes for a great decor crystal.


    Tourmaline metaphysical properties:

    Tourmaline is perfectly symbolic of protection. Depending on the color, you can tap into different types of protection intentions. For example, I like to remind myself of my boundaries and emotional protections with pink tourmaline. I choose to think of protection over my growth when I work with Green Tourmaline. The possibilities are endless.

    This slice pair looks like eyes, which only add to the protection symbolism they already carry.



    Exact specimen pictured.

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