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Gypsum Crescent Moon Cleansing Plate (1)
  • Gypsum Crescent Moon Cleansing Plate (1)

    Gypsum is a highly purifying mineral. It’s one of the easiest ways to cleanse one’s space, other crystals, jewelry, and anything else. 
    This variety of Gypsum is called Satin Spar. It can be identified by its Sheen, and fibrous growth. This blade is polished, so there are no splintering fibers. Another popular form of Gypsum is Selenite, which crystallizes in a more clear form than Satin Spar. Both forms of Gypsum discussed here are ideal for cleansing. After all, it is your intention and endowment of energy that makes a ritual work, not the tools you are using.
    Just set your Gyspsum in the general area you’d like to cleanse, and imagine all old energy leaving that space. Once you feel comfortable in your visualization that you’ve felt all old energy is back out into the universe, imagine your energy filling the area or item you’d like to cleanse. You’ve now done a basic cleansing ritual.
    For a basic intention ritual:
    If you’d like to focus on worrying less (for example) you can visualize, and even feel what sensations you experience when you’re relaxed and calm. Imagine that calm energy surrounding you, and the area you’re in. Also visualize that energy going into your Gypsum, so that you may tap into it when needed. You can set your other crystals, jewelry, and any items that need an energetic cleanse on the surface of these plates.
    Approx 2.7”
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